Range of Care

At Janigian Retina Associates, we help our patients see what matters by providing advanced and personalized care for a wide range of vitreoretinal conditions. We are committed to achieving life-changing improvements for your vision, quality of life, and peace of mind.

We're always happy to
answer your questions

Your comfort matters to us, and we aim to be
helpful and transparent at each step.

  • New patients should arrive with a Photo ID, Insurance Card, completed forms, and medication information, prepare for pupil dilation, imaging, and comprehensive exams with an ophthalmologist, and anticipate potential follow-up treatments. Learn more here.

  • At Janigian Retina Associates, new patient consultations may take up to two hours.

  • Any discomfort experienced during or after retina treatments is typically temporary and can be managed with medications or by following post-treatment instructions provided by your retina specialist. Additionally, the level of discomfort can vary from person to person. Your retina specialist will discuss what to expect and how to manage any potential discomfort associated with your specific treatment.

  • Patients can reach us using our online contact form, or simply calling our practice at 401-369-7773.

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