Patient Resources

What to Expect At Your First Visit

A new patient consultation may take up to two hours.

You will first be greeted by our front desk staff. Please have the following documents available when you arrive.:

  • A Photo ID
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Completed intake forms and medical questionnaire

You may save time by completing your intake forms and medical questionnaire ahead of time. You should have the name of your primary care doctor, your referring eye doctor and a list of your current medications available at the time of your appointment.

After your information has been entered into our system one of our technicians will begin your appointment by reviewing your medical history, evaluating your vision and eye pressure, and dilating your pupils. After dilation your vision may be blurry and you may be more sensitive to light. It may take several hours for dilation to wear off, please be prepared with a driver if necessary.

Before you see your ophthalmologist, routine imaging may be obtained including color photographs of your retina (fundus photographs) or three dimensional scans of your macula (optical coherence tomography), or OCT. In some instances a dye based test called fluorescein angiography may be required to evaluate blood flow or assess for inflammation. This may take additional time.

After your imaging is complete you will meet with your ophthalmologist who will review your medical history and perform a comprehensive exam of your retina, vitreous (the gel like substance in the back portion of the eye) and macula.

Your physician will then review your results with you and answer any questions. Your family or guests are welcome to join you at anytime if you wish. Your ophthalmologist may recommend additional testing or treatment, such as laser therapy, an intravitreal injections or vitrectomy.

Many retinal conditions require regular follow up and you may be asked to return periodically for additional testing and treatment. Our physicians and staff will work with you closely to create a personalized plan that works for you and your family. We are honored you chose Janigian Retina Associates for your retinal care and look forward to meeting you.

Request a retinal consultation now at any of our four convenient locations across Rhode Island. Or speak to our office directly at 401-369-7773.

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