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At Janigian Retina Associates, you can expect dedicated patient care,
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Welcome to Rhode Island's leading retina practice, home to a team of physicians delivering full-spectrum care for retina diseases.

"The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous."
"Efficient, knowledgeable, courteous and thorough."
"The office staff is wonderful—infact, exceptional."
"Everything is excellent, just exemplary care!"
"Anytime I call with a question, they call me back the same day."

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We value the trust referring providers place in our team. We're here to support your patients with the exceptional care they need, and we'll work with you to optimize their outcomes.

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  • Please bring a photo ID, proof of insurance and a list of your current medications to your appointment. Our staff will take a comprehensive medical history, your pupils will be dilated and a thorough dilated eye exam will be performed by your ophthalmologist. Additional testing or treatment may be recommended.

  • New patient consultations may take up to two hours.

  • Any discomfort experienced during or after retina treatments is typically temporary and can be managed with medications or by following post-treatment instructions provided by your retina specialist. Additionally, the level of discomfort can vary from person to person. Your retina specialist will discuss what to expect and how to manage any potential discomfort associated with your specific treatment.

  • Patients can reach us using our online contact form, or simply calling our practice at 401-369-7773.

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We're convenient throughout Rhode Island with locations in Providence, Wakefield, Johnston, and Cumberland.

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